Review of COMING HOME album by Power Source Music Magazine | Oct. 2008

Steve Free is the embodiment of the perennial American folk spirit. Not only the wandering Woody Guthrie aspect of Folk music, but also Country sensitivities, the Appalachian Celtic tradition, and Native American cultures. Steve weaves them all together in "Coming Home." In his performances, he wears Native regalia, and he devotes a great deal of his performing time to teaching children and speaking on Native traditions, values, and music. This album features a tune for the Shawnee nation, "Ho Wa Ne Ba Ke Che." If our nation is a melting pot, then this album is its reflection, with the Bluegrass favorite "Wayfaring Stranger," the pure Country fun of "Party On The River," and the tender ballad, "If I Told You I Love You." Production is simple, just Steve's band, captured in solid performances with a minimum of overdubs and no signal processing tricks. This is simply good, eclectic Americana music.

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