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Free Releases New Album: "There For You"

By Derrick C. Parker
Scioto Voice Writer

August 20, 2020


The award winning singer songwriter Steve Free has done it again! Last Friday, he released his newest album entitled
''There .For You".

Free describes his latest album as a definitive folk album.
Album There for You
"It's more of a folk album than my last couple albums. I got an award for being the best folk songwriter in the world so I guess I thought I should do something a bit more folk-y," Free mused.

One of the highlights of the album is a song entitled "The Legend of the Old Peddler." The song tells the story of an old peddler who used to sell his wares to the pioneers in the hills of present day Shawnee Forest.

"Out in the forest is a road called Dead Man's Hollow," explained Free. "They call it that because back in the early 1800s, a
peddler who come down the road selling pots and pans to settlers - and he would always play his fiddle while he walked the trails so people would know he was coming. Well, one winter, no one ever heard from him again. And they found him frozen on the side of the road."

"So, they buried him. No one knew his name. So, they put up a rock marker and scratched the day on it. The road's been called Dead Man's Hollow since. Well, I've always heard. that story. I've even been to the grave. But there is a book with the story in it. And it says that marker is haunted, and that if you go back to his grave on a dark and rainy night you can hear his fic;ldle as his ghost walks around the grave."

Free admits he's never seen the ghost, himself. But, he thought the story would make a great song. So, he enlisted the help of a renowned fiddle player from Ashville, North Carolina named Dave Johnson to help out and play on the track.

"It's got a real 1800s vibe. It's one of my favorites on the album," said Free.'

Another of Free's favorite tracks is the album title "There for You".

"That's a favorite of mine. It's about all the people you meet in your life and the few that stick with you. When you boil it down - it's
about friendship."

Free began_recording the record last April, because the COVID-19 pandemic limited other activities.

"The pandemic hit and I thought it would be a good time to do the album. I'm the laziest song writer in the world," laughed Free. "I just keep little scraps of paper with ideas all over them and, when I'm ready to record, I get them all out and finish those ideas and thoughts.”
Steve Free
“But the pandemic has been hard," he admitted. "It's killed our gigs with the band. We don't play bars and our busy time is from
April to the Fall.

We do fairs, festivals, outdoor concerts, and colleges. So, it's been tough for my band. But, at least I get to do quite a bit of solo work. People still want to hear music but they are afraid to book a band and have large audiences. I play a lot of smaller venues recently. I'm very glad to be working, because many musicians aren't, but I miss playing with the Steve Free Band. I'm doing all sorts of strange gigs: civil war ceremonies, outdoor yoga events - I just take it day by day."

But Free is looking forward to a scheduled concert in Nashville in September. He was invited to play an Americana festival that features other big time folk and Americana singer-songwriters (such as Johnny Rivers and Michael Murphy) from around the world.

"Those guys are big time folk singers that have sold millions of records," said Free. "I thought I'd just go out there and open and play far 20 minutes. I was excited to just get to talk to them. They've all kind of been idles of mine ...but the promoter got ahold of me and said we were all going to be featured in rounds together. I was shocked."

"But a-triend of mine calmed my nerves. He said 'most of those guys are older. They had big hits in the 60s and 70s. , But, most of the crowd will be younger. They will just think you are another old famous guy.'"

As always, Free has released a great album that highlights his gifted ability as a storyteller. "There for You" begs the listener to gather around a campfire, get comfortable, and hear a tale or two.

"There For You" is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon or Locally at the Scioto County Welcome Center and Market Street Cafe.

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