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Steve Free Included in New CDX

by Frank Lewis | PDT Staff Writer
Portsmouth Daily Times
July 26, 2013


Light of ChristmasA new CDX compilation album has hit radio stations around the nation and the list of artists on the recording reads like a “who’s Who,” of country music singers - Miranda Lambert, George Strait, Darius Rucker, Kenny Chesney, Ronnie Dunn and more. What makes it intriguing is that the name Steve Free is right in the middle of it all. Featured on the new CD is “Do You Wanna Dance,” an old Bobby Freeman song which has also been covered by several other artists including the Beach Boys. However, this time it’s by Scioto County native Steve Free.

“This will go to satellite stations and country stations everywhere,” Free said. “Most of the time they put me in Americana, and I don’t know if I really fit that either. But basically it’s that singer-songwriter stuff.”

Free is promoted by Bill Wence, known in the recording industry as one of the top promoters in the Americana genre. This time though he has taken Free’s song and slipped it into the country lineup.

“You (Free) still sound good. They don’t know you’re 20 years older than all those people,” Wence said.

One of Free’s idols is rock legend Johnny Rivers, who also just happens to be promoted by Wence.

“I’ll send him (Rivers) a copy of your version,” Wence told Free. “I don’t know if he will listen to it or not, but I will see what I can do.”

Rivers responded by sending Free his new live CD. Rivers also gave Free’s version of “Do You Wanna Dance,” a thumbs-up.

Free said he is surprised at the success of last year’s Christmas album, his first ever, which contains his hit, “Just a Baby Boy.”

“That just amazes me,” Free said. “I play everywhere, and I do many of the same places every year, tour out west. Almost every time this summer, people would come up and say, ‘hey, we just love that Christmas album. We were listening to it yesterday,’ and here it is July. I am still amazed by it.”

Free is preparing to return to the recording studio in October to produce a new album.