Local Artist Sees International Sucess
Wayne Allen

appeard 16 May 07 in the Community Common

Local singer/songwriter Steve Free is begining to see a lot of international success with his music.

"Although my songs are played in many diffrent styles, when it comes to songwriting I am basically a folk singer, a story teller," Free says. "All of my songs are stories, and I always wanted to do a song about the christmas story. It seems like there have been so few new "serious" christmas songs written over the years about the 'reason for the season'," he explained.

Free was referencing his song "Just a Baby Boy," which has carryed his music to a lot of places and people. In February, the song reached number 10 in Belgium as a part of their Country Music Association Europe Top 40 songs.

"It' s still quite surprising and humbling to me. It seems people immediately catch on to the tune and lysics and start singing along, becuase it's such a simple song," Free said. "We actually here people leaving the show singing the song. I don't know, maybe that the reason it was successful because of it's simplicity. Go figure."

Free also was recently honored with his song "Just a Baby Boy" reaching the number one spot of the International Christian Country charts. "This marks my 11th charted song. I have had songs on the Country, Pop, American and now Christian Charts.

Everything from songs about Appalahia and Southern Ohio." Over all, he said, "the chart position isn't that important to me. I'm just happy, and honored, to know the songs are being heard around the world." Free's music has had a profound effect on some of his fans' lives and one fan shared this story;

"My father was in a horrible car accident in southeastern Ohio in May of 2006. He was taken to St. Mary's Hospital in Huntington W.Va., not expected to live. I live in San Diego, and spent the next two weeks in Huntington (he was subsequently transferred to Columbus, Oh.)."

"After having been there for a week or so, I went with my mother and stepmother to a coffee shop across from my hotel, and you were playing there. We sat and drank our coffee, and we all immediately said "Dad would LOVE this!" The fan added, "I came up to you and purchased your CD "All Points Between" before you even began to play, telling you briefly about my Dad."

One song was dedicated to the fan's father. According to the fan, his father responded to the music. "My Dad passed away on March 22nd of this year at the age of 56, as a result of the injuries sustained in that terrible car accident. We had his body flown to Seattle for his funeral, the fan said, adding, "I just received in the mail some of his personal effects from the acute care center he was living in, including your CD."

"I'd like to thank everyone in the area for all the wounderful support of music over the years, and intive people to come out and see us play. Even it you, have seen us many times we have a lot of new material and a super talented bunch of musicieans: John Starkey, Wyatt Bates, Susan Sammons and John Craig.

"We have a fun show, something everybody need a little bit of from time to time," Free, added.

For more information about the music and a schedule of where he will be preforming visit www.stevefreefree.com.